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Canamfone Features

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    Premium Voice Quality

    Our main goal is to serve you high quality voice services. From anywhere any time, whenever you make call, we want to make sure your calls flow seamless & voice quality is second to none.


    Low & Honest Rates

    Canamfone offers you highly competitive international calling card rates to over 45 countries across the globe. For more information on our calling rates, click here


    Online Control Panel

    Our userfriendly control panel allow you to easliy recharge your account, track your call history, view you billing history, add phone number to your account & manage speed dialing too.


    Phone Features

    Sometimes whenever you are not comfortable with internet . For those persons we offering many capabilities though phone, fund between accounts or simply check your balance.


    No Hidden Fee

    Not any hidden calling costs will be charged from you. We are transparent open to serve you best calling card services at best price with true valuable commitments

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    Pinless Dialing

    • Pinless dialing with Canamfone allow user to make international call without dial the pin. Our system will automatically recognize your pin number.


    We want to make sure your call goes through when you call our system. That is why we constantly monitor the system to make sure that we have enough capacity to ensure that you don't get a busy signal.


    Auto Recharge

    With auto recharge, you will never run out of calling minutes. Just don’t forget to setup this option in your online account dashboard with threshold and you’re good to go.


    Recharge by Phone

    Gone are the days, where you only bound to recharge your account online. Now, you can do a recharge on your phone by dialing the access number and then selecting the option ‐ * #


    No Account Expiration

    With Canamfone, you will get unique feature of life-time validity of your account. Your talk time will not expire in any predefined time period.

How to Make a call Loved Ones

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    Sign up

    Create your account with your home, office or cell phone number, Email Id and billing address.

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    Purchase Plan

    Select calling to location and find plan.Choose plan denomination as per your need...

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    Dial Access Number

    Find your local access number from local access numbers list or You can also use toll free number.

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    Dial Destination Number

    For International number, dial as 011- country code- phone number. For Domestic Caribbean...

About Canamfone

Best buy @ Canamfone Inc: Pinless online calling card At CANAMFONE INC, our goal is simple—to give you crystal clear international call quality at the most competitive prices. Minutes in quantity & quality. Canamfone Inc tell envisions to be the Industry Leader in International Calling Plans. We’re the visionary leaders in prepaid international calling cards and stand behind your every purchase with quality service and a money-back guarantee. And we do it all with 24/7 customer service, including live operators. No matter where you are in the world, you deserve a reliable long distance phone card. You can’t afford to pick just any prepaid phone card plan—you don’t have time for poor call quality, uncertain networks, and dropped calls. If you wonder from where to buy international calling cards, Sign up now for the world’s best Pinless calling card plans. Its Canamfone Inc tell to buy best international calling card for cell phones & landlines to make long distance calling to your loved ones. It's the power that Canamfone Inc Tel does. We connect hearts globally.

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